Made to Worship

Gentle Warrior

The Worship Ministry at Harvest is led by Mrs. Abbey Scott. Abbey is married to Chad Scott and they are parents to four precious children Maggie, Wyatt, Hazel, and Wrenlee.

Abbey studied worship at Seacoast School of Worship in Charleston, SC where she learned to lead and serve. Her leadership style is both gentle and strong, as she passionately leads the congregation into God's presence every Sunday. Committed and faithful, she leads us into worship through the various seasons we face as individuals, the Body of Christ, a community, and a nation. Her sensitivity to how God moves in our midst and the needs of the congregation, while playing guitar and singing, are some of the traits and gifts that make her a true worshiper.

Abbey is a faithful next generation worship leader, and we are extremely blessed to have her as our Worship Leader. We are also grateful to Chad, as he shares her unselfishly with the congregation at Harvest.

wHY WE worship

What Is Worship

.Worship is our opportunity to express our gratitude to a loving God! We can worship God in and out of church, in our hearts, while we sing, while we offer up thanksgiving and praises with our mouths, and through actions like clapping or dancing. Quite simply, worship is our outward expression of thanks and honor to God for all God has done for us and even what we are believing He will do.  It is our free will offering back to God, our unique expression of surrender and gratitude.

Why Do We Worship

We worship because we were created with a desire to know God, discover God, and find a way to honor the magnitude of what He did for us as humans. The debt we owe for forgiveness of sins that we can never repay, we offer up thanks for this and the many countless ways that God guides, protects, and cares for us. We can also find expression where we lack words through worship; we can allow God's light to break into our broken places through surrender that often takes place in worship.

How Do I Worship

Once you decide to give your life to Christ, your very life and how you honor God can become worship. In a church setting, worship is often expressed through singing, musical instruments, dancing, and even through creative expressions depending on the type of service. To truly worship, you will have to tap into your own heart's expression to God; and the means by which you gift that expression back to Him is what we call worship, which is typically done through singing, playing instruments, and dancing.