Lead Pastors

Vision and Purpose

A Burden for Souls

In every generation, God calls men and women to lead His church. It’s a weighty call to be accountable for souls, and one Pastors  Tom and Tracey do not take lightly. God has dealt with them deeply concerning His desire that every soul returns to Him. They believe that ministry is not for those who don’t know what to do, but for those who can’t do anything else.

At Harvest, we see this play out as Pastor Tom serves tirelessly and wears more hats than the average person owns. He oversees the church as lead pastor and preaches, teaches, counsels, and is over church operations. He also serves in and outside of Harvest as: head chef for church community events, comforter to the sick and those whose time on earth is coming to a close, leader to our college and career students, and the head of building operations for the new church property and renovations. Pastor Tom is also a welcome sight for sore eyes as he personally mows lawns for many grateful people, and puts moving teams together for his flock in the Charlotte area, and the list goes on and on. The Harvest family is thankful for a true servant of God leading and overseeing the house of God during a pivotal time in the life of the church. Pastor Tom is often heard quoting the  scripture, "the greatest among you shall be the servant of all,” Matthew 23:11.

Passion for Building

Pastor Tom is a man of vision and purpose, a master builder of people and buildings. Harvest is fortunate to have a man of destiny who is passionate about building, especially since we are in the middle of renovating our wonderful, newly acquired building on a stunning piece of property. 

“Building for the Kingdom of God" is what excites Pastor Tom. Like King David who said "the  zeal for your house has consumed me;" that is where his heart is at (Psalm 69).”

Partners in Marriage and a Lifelong Calling

Pastor Tracey serves alongside her husband, Tom, Lead Pastor at Harvest. Their chance meeting, while on a family vacation, can only be described as miraculous. A family invitation to attend Harvest Church turned into a lifelong union.

Their first conversation on the sidewalk of Harvest, after service in July 1981, was about how to prepare for the call they both felt in their hearts. Tom was serving his parents, founding lead pastors; and Tracey just finished her first year in bible college. It would be years before the call was answered, but in the interim, God prepared them through education, marriage, raising seven children, family relationships, loss and gain, joy and grief, miracles and unanswered prayers where trust was needed, visions and dreams, and navigating the situations and circumstances that life afforded them.

Pastor Tracey’s passion is teaching, and one of her greatest joys comes in witnessing lives transformed by the power of God's grace. She firmly believes that the answer to all things are found in Jesus, the way He lived His life, and in the unchanging truth of His Word.

Unchanging Word

Pastor Tom believes that “godly character must line up with godly convictions and notes that God’s character is permanent, and not progressive as some may think. He teaches that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

In the uncertainty of this life Pastor Tom Chidester reminds us that God has a plan and purpose for us and our role is to reflect the unconditional love and grace of God, so we can display the glory of Christ to a broken world.

Pastors Tom and Tracey serve as the Lead Pastors at Harvest. They are the parents of seven amazing children and eleven grandchildren. Their sacrifices to further the gospel have not always been easy, and have never been in vain. Just as they have been faithful to accept God’s call, almost from the time they met, we can see through their lives the dedication and commitment to an unchanging God! This is what they want to leave to the next generation -- a house for God’s people, His vision and plans, until He returns may it stand.