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We live in a world where activities, opportunities, responsibilities, media, and people vie for our attention all the time. This can be overwhelming and cause us to forget to say "yes" to opportunities and people that should matter. When we connect and link arms, through the power of Christ, lives can be affected for a lifetime. We think it's worth it, to see lives turned around and we invite you to connect with us, so you can see it too. Please join us in serving the Greater Charlotte community and beyond. For more information, please contact us below.

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Community and Beyond


Reach One Prison Ministry started in 2000 with going into the local jails. After 5 years, our ministry teams were allowed to access Men and Women prisons in NC and SC. By 2005, ministry efforts were transferred entirely to prisons, with some of them bring up to four hours away. When the pandemic occurred, due to Covid, all jails and prisons were closed to volunteers. Toward the end of 2022, the ladies prison opened up again to us for ministry.

The prisons have very strict rules in communicating to the inmates for obvious reasons. We are however able to express the love of God through ministry in music, the Word, as well our joyful love for them. Each service is only one hour, but we have learned to make the most of that time in sharing the Word of life, offering prayer, and worshipping together. The ladies really enjoy joining in with the singing, and even though we face many restrictions and the environment is rather limiting: we still witness a change in attitudes among the women and some have committed their lives to the Lord and are truly believers. The ladies are 20 years old and up and some we know will spend all their days in a prison, so it’s very important that we go and reach them. Our travel to the prison is at least one hour each way and special clearance with the State of North Carolina is needed to participate in this ministry.

We are very thankful for the prayers and support that our pastors and leaders give to this ministry. If you are interested in supporting this ministry financially, please contact Pastor Jere Chidester at



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